Lightly scented and Heavily packed with lip loving oils like Vitamin E and Coconut Oil, our sheer glosses are smooth, non-sticky and full of shine. Grab a 3 pack of our Hard Candy sets.


Ingredients: Versagel, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E, Food Grade Flavoring Oil, Mica Powder (mineral based coloring)

*Vegan and Cruelty Free




Love in a roller bottle. Lip loving natural oils infused with rose buds serving as both hydration and protection for lips. Use nightly before bed or add a hydration boost to your Glossi Tubes by layering Lip Love on top.


Ingredients: A proprietary blend of Essential Oils, Jojoba Oill, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, and Organic Dried Red Rose Petals

Sugar Shea smells like dreamy vanilla and feels amazing during and after exfoliating your lips. Follow up your scrub with Lip Love Oil treatment or your favorite Glossi Tube.


Ingredients: Shea Butter, Organic Cane Sugar, Jojoba, Flavoring Oil


The little sibling bag of all things Glossi!!! Our fun bag of candy shaped tubes for tweens and those oh so cute younger sibs!!


2 Surprise Glossi Tube, 1 Surprise Hard Candy or Ring Pop, 1 Glossi pop,  Glossi Who? mini-mirror, surprise extra items- 25.00 


Reccomended Ages-5 and up


The ultimate “Glossi Party” for your Lips. Lip spa...say ahhh! Everything you need to make your lips feel and look Glossi and Poppin’! Complete with a surprise accessory to Boss up your look!


What’s Inside?


 Lip Love ( Rose Oil and Rose infused Lip Oil treatment) 1 Glossi Misadventure (An imperfect product that maintains beauty), 1 surprise flavor Glossi Tube lip gloss, Sugar Shea (Lip Scrub), lip exfoliation tool, Kiss Kiss Lip Mask, Glossi Who Mirror. Surprise Glossi accessory 




Love is all the world and your lips need. Our CEO’s favorite kit to battle dry rough lips as the weather changes. Exfoliate with Sugar Shea Scrub, Add moisture with Kiss Kiss Lip Mask,  Seal the deal with Lip Love Oil treatment. 


What’s inside?


Sugar Shea Lip Scrub, Lip exfoliator, 3 Lip Masks, Lip Love Oil Treatment